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Rogue Defender (Lethal Nannies Book 1)

Serena Black is a lethal nanny—at least, that's what her clients call her. 


Most nannies are focused with getting their charges to school on time or keeping them fed. But Homeland Security has trained Serena to keep her clients alive at all costs.


As a child protection officer, she specializes in extracting US protected diplomats and their families from areas of extreme unrest. And she's the best of the best...until a horrible mistake leaves a client dead and PTSD ravaging her mind.


Disavowed and ashamed, she's forced to return to the one place she'd rather not go: back home to Oklahoma City. But rest is as elusive as her sanity. When an accidental rescue leaves a US Senator in her debt, he offers her a job on the security detail for his two children. Desperate to prove that she's still the best of the best, Serena jumps at the chance. The job is easy...until the kids are kidnapped and Serena is marked the prime suspect.


Kat Lewis author headshot
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Motivational Speaker

Romantic Thriller author

Fierce Black Characters

Oklahoma City, OK

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Kat Lewis Promo

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