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Hey you!

If you haven't figured it out yet--but I know you have cause you're smart like that ;) --my name is Kat Lewis. Welcome to my universe. Here you'll find that things like diamonds, daggers, stilettos and glam fashion all coexist with a bad-to-the-bone feminine vibe. Because why not?

A little about me: I was born, raised, and currently live in Oklahoma. I'm the organized, bossy, and visionary third child (of seven sibs). I'm an unrepentant extrovert. I love serving my community and currently serve as the president of Oklahoma Christian Fiction Writers (OCFW) and serving within my local church. And my deepest hearts desire is to make a real time, big impact in this world.

Only in the last year has the answer to that statement begin to unveil itself. As I thought of who I could impact the answer was a long time coming but it smacked me in the face with it's obviousness. I can impact women like me.

Passionate. Ambitious. Unique. Brown boss babes...who grapple with finding a place to express their unique perspective. Women who  struggle to navigate the opinions, expectations, and values of two different and often competing cultures, and come out the other side whole and confident in their identity.

My diamond identity is my unique gift to the world...and so is yours!

Kat Lewis author leaning against white brick background wearing gold jewelry
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